Friday, September 24, 2004

What I Like

What I like about Iraq: No shopping for food/ food is cooked and prepared for me/ Food is all you can eat/ Food is free/ no phones to answer /no bills /the girls have guns /Don't have to clean my room /If I do, my room is only 6' x 8' /Paid no matter what /Tax breaks /Everyone smiles and waves /church is real short /lots of time to read and meditate /much adventure /haircuts $3 (and it looks like it) >/is done for me (and folded) /someone else drives /exposure to interesting cultures /no alcohol (supposedly) /no billboards or commercials /I'm not the only one without fashion sense /cool war machines are always driving or flying by…and more!

I took pictures with the crew I'm leaving behind, Kumar was sad and said in his India accent, "You are the second one I am missing." I'm not good at good-byes. He believes in the after-life so I said I'd see him again then if not sooner...

This place is always buzzing with the sound of generators, air conditioners and trucks and tanks and helicopters, etc. Never really silent. 24 hours until I fly, got just a little packing to do and what the heck, shave again this week. I ran 4 miles for the first time in 4 weeks, first time in Iraq. A little dusty and warm but no sores from tightening up or anything, it felt good! Ran along the perimeter fence. The soldiers are up in towers watching and I passed Iraqi men and women working their crops right up to the wire, a few bedraggled-looking cows, and a handful of Iraqi kids jumped up and down waved and yelled "Hi!" Yes, it sounded like English to me. They must have learned that from the soldiers?

Well, I don't know how easy my access to the internet will be on the new base but if you don't hear from me for a few days, it does not mean I am dead!!! It's gonna be alright. Oh, one more thing I like about Iraq, no hurricanes! Pray for those guys in Florida...Ernie

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