Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Tonight was the Night

I hesitate to send this...I have to think about it. Don't read this if you are afraid of reality.... Well folks, tonight was a doosy. Hard day of work, temperatures lately have been a cool 100 during the heat of the day, Fall is here. Worn out from work and wearing the heavy flack gear, I was headed to the hooch--have to catch two buses. The second one, it had gotten dark and we were in the last quarter mile when "BOOM!" It sounded like the rear tire of the bus had blown out!

But I was in the aisle on my knees looking out. Everyone else was in the window when "BOOM!" this time we saw it, the mortar hit 50 feet away, I am not kidding you. Everyone was still at the window. I was low, waiting for the glass to break but no shrapnel hit the window or the bus as far as I could tell. The bus driver exceeded the speed limit and had already left the road we were to take, and that is where the second one had hit so it doesn't get much closer than that. Well, that was very interesting and a bit sobering.

I tried to get back and take some pictures after the all-clear had sounded but a truck's diesel tank has taken a hole and leaked out a lot of fuel. The potential for disaster was amazing. I don't hesitate to say that all your prayers have paid off, I would say. I received a blessing before I went and it was repeated to me over and over "fear not" and "have faith." That doesn't mean a bomb won't fall on my head, it just means I'm not to fear what ever does or may happen. 50 feet away, that is close!!

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