Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Good Morning!! Today’s word is Greske. Gress-key. Rhymes with Pesky. Anyway, tonight I am awakened by two large explosions that rattle our roof. That's another code Red. Turns out a convoy on the way in about 1am triggered an IED...Improvised Explosive Device. Luckily the convoy and its personnel are unhurt and because the explosion was "outside the wire" we quickly return to code Green.

However, Greske is just getting going. Greske snores like King Kong, bless his heart, he looks like Cro-Magnon man complete with Fred Flintstone-like build and hair like a mini-Black Forest growing ON TOP of the end of his somewhat large nose. He can do it while sitting up in class and we are constantly kicking his chair to relieve our embarrassment. I was just getting over jet-lag and lack of sleep and being less intimidated by the environment when our chicken-coop (the name of our type of trailer-like hooch we reside in that I couldn't remember yesterday) was invaded by a bunch of the other guys. Guess we were the "cool" hooch?

Well, that's when Greske moved in and my dreams were literally shattered this night by his thunderous roar. Bored and unable to sleep, I grabbed a camera, shone a flashlight full on his face and FILMED. Propped up on an arm like he was eating popcorn and watching a movie that wasn't there, he proceeded to hurl forth sounds that I thought would for sure expel parts of his lungs while lurching about to the rhythm of the wheezes. I wish I could get you the video clip!

Meanwhile, I picked up a radio w/headphones that I used to use for jogging and blissfully listened to something that could have been Baghdad Top-40. The oscillating Middle-Eastern chord sounded strangely wonderful as I found peace at last from hurricane-force Greske. Well, out of time for now, stay tuned for the continuing Saga.... Ernest
P.S. Obviously I have way too much time at 5 in the morning....

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