Saturday, September 11, 2004

Day after 9/11

Hi y'all (seems like everyone is from the South here) Well, it's Sunday here in the am. Yesterday was an important date and apparently the terrorists remember pretty darn well. We had a total of 4 Red alerts (incoming) after averaging about one a day previously. Spent a lot of time in the bunker. As far as I know, there was one wounded but no loss of life in the attacks.

Mercifully, the weather has been so cool the last four days!!! Hitting a high of only about 105 during the day, the evenings are warm but nice with a cool breeze blowing and the mornings are downright shirt weather!! It has been very nice-a cool breeze instead of an oven blast of air. Found out yesterday in a special meeting that half of our 10 will be flying to Tikrit for some AOA (add on armor) training. After two weeks, we will meet in Kirkuk and pair up so that those trained train the untrained. We add armor and air conditioning and bigger alternators to keep up with the greater power requirements. When we get there in about three weeks we may at first be in tents but the buildings for us are very near being done so that should be indoors quickly. However, everything is always taken with a grain of salt, when it happens, THEN you believe it.

Meanwhile it's a day off to go find church. So far I found a Catholic meeting and a Baptist meeting. Things may not be the same but maybe it's time to rock-out in church. I had a long talk with Walter the Bus driver, he thanked me for reminding him church was today. Seems everyday is like Monday here. From the bible belt, Louisiana, Walter knew his bible. I think the USA will be in good shape as long as there is a bible belt and people like Walter. I'm still intrigued by the paradox of the coarseness of the language and personalities but how civil and thoughtful everyone is around here. We watch each other's backs and make sure we all get where we need to go and there is a lot of courtesy for each other, the national Iraqis and other nationals that work here. I can't help but think they will be moved by the respect and help represented by the Americans here. Something good is going on....over and out for now, thanks for all your kind letters and efforts on my behalf. It means a lot to me.

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