Monday, September 13, 2004


Howdy! Sunday was great, ah, a day of rest! Found the Mormons meeting in a air/conditioned tent, about 15 or 20 of us, one female. We had SS and Sacrament meeting. I like a two-hour meeting! And of course, I am giving a talk next week. On Agency, I preadventure. It's too small to be a branch so it's a "group." Group leader Moore presided. I dug it.

Then off to a "Gospel" congregation that meets at the theater. Large group, typical black southern style with a band and lots of hand-holding and head-shakin'. I dug it. We hug and say "God bless you!" The message was the story of Daniel, very well done, very well done. Again I think, the Lord has some great people over here and America is full of believers and those who are going in the right direction. There was one white-guy with no rhythm. It wasn't me. Then came the "Delta" Alert. Never had one of those before, first in my companies history. Still don't know what it means except that we are very restricted. Saddam's trial begins today and schmuck is flying. Saw a tank whippin' thru here for the first time and heavier than usual air activity. We are not allowed to work anymore but still get lots of stand-by pay; wish I had gotten more things to read!

Also got a case of hay-fever, I think. I was fine for a week but that dust storm yesterday and after all, it's desert palm pollination season, so I hear. But I gots some medication and my nose should stop running any minute now. So for now we hunker down and be bored--fortunately, they opened back up internet privileges. hence, this note. Thanks again for all of yours, I enjoy little tidbits now and then of what's up for you. Thanks! Ernie

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