Thursday, September 16, 2004

Watch Out

Hello Americans! So I spend my days at the DFAC 1 where we eat, that is, we feed the soldiers and all. In the kitchen and around the back where we load and store the food I work with a bunch of people from India and Pakistan. They wear white shirts with aprons and black pants and little black bowties. Along with cooking, they can be seen warmly hugging each other, sitting on each others laps, and so forth. I don't know if they are gay or just really happy. Iraqi men kiss each cheek and are known to hold hands in public while waiting for things. A little different than we USA-ers, don't you think?

One of my duties is picking up a little trash now and then. That gives me an opportunity to examine the dirt. I noticed this cute little delicate fern-type plant growing here and there and I marveled at the tender fern-types ability to stay gentle in this harsh environment and I reached down to remove some trash from around it when BANGO, it got me!! It grows these little super thorny but colored the same as the sand so you don't see it. A lesson from the wilderness.

Well last night was a thriller when 2 mortars landed 50 or 60 feet from the bus I was in, just about back to my hooch. I was in disbelief....that close to being blown up!??! Such is the life over here.

The mortars are small in range and damage and very hard to aim if at all but those confounded terrorists try them every day. Just to put it in perspective, a year or so ago someone ran the red light just as I was leaving my neighborhood and slammed into me going 50 miles per hour or so. Her engine hit my engine and both cars were totaled. If she had hit me 4 feet over her bumper and engine would have hit the drivers door and probably have taken me out. That is the third time someone ran a stop signal and hurt me in my life! So that was closer than the mortar... I have supreme confidence in the Good Lord and that He won't let me go before my time and it doesn't matter where I am I will not escape.

I thank you for all of your prayers and ask you not to worry too much! My Father blessed me to have faith and fear not and I believe! Be safe in America, and watch out for cute little fern-type plants... Ernie out!

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