Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Pics, really?

ok! Maybe we're back in business here. If this works you should see the first picture of Bill-American, Masi-from north India, Myself, and Kumar--very genteel, I will spell it so you get the right meaning, from South India. Behind us the trailers into which I would help load mass food items for feeding of the troops. And us.
I am wearing my ever-present cowboy-type straw hat that keeps the sun off. Alas, it is falling apart due to the rough use it received at that site and I will be sad when it goes! That was at camp Anaconda with my "temporary" job.
Second pic! For those of you who have theorized that I am actually vacationing in a hotel in Houston making all of this Iraq stuff up, is a pic of a traffic sign near the Baghdad you may say, he got it off the internet, but do you think a pic this bad would be on the internet? Well, it is now! Anyway, more pics to come.

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