Sunday, September 05, 2004


So I landed at the Baghdad airport after a very brief stay in Dubai, that's in the United Arab Emirates. Resort town/country. Anyway, that was interesting enough. But to be in the Baghdad we saw on TV during the war, was wild! I have been temporarily positioned in a camp to the north a little ways. Can I just say...WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?!

People do die here from time to time, mortar attacks and dehydration. Today it is only 110F, down 10 or so from yesterday. They say you get acclimated in a month. It is SO WILD to be here I can't believe it. To drop us off this jet comes spiraling down instead of the long, slow runs you are used to at the typical airport. Take off is the same, you go ripping up in a spiral...I can't believe how fast you can gain high altitude in a 737, those things rip!!!

I have pictures you won't believe but right now I don't know if I can upload them, stuff you saw on TV during the war and what not all. So I'm in a little cubicle with a tiny cot. there is about 20 of us in a trailer or tent. My 30 minuets on the internet is about up so can I just say again; it is so insane here!!! I kinda like it but so far we are just going through orientation. I was going to bring a lock-box but I never got around to shopping, now they say it is a very good idea. OK, so to sum up: This is so insane!! I can't believe I'm in the Middle East, in Baghdad, I got pics of some of Saddam’s palaces as we were landing. It's a desert.

There is so much going on here and Freedom Radio (.com?) broadcasts reminding us that we are to be on our best behavior and to keep our spirits up because we are the Iraqi liberators and are here on their behalf. That is so cool. There are insane amounts of resources coming here to enable them to set up their own government. Well, gotta wait for the shock to wear off before I can think of anything else. Ta-ta and thank you for your prayers!!! Ernest

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