Tuesday, October 26, 2004



I'm afraid I must apologize. I realize that things that are of great interest and fit well within my comfort range may be quite stressful to you and cause undue worry. So I will refrain from my view of yesterday's events at the BBQ and try for just a general summation.

We were having this BBQ when we heard the unmistakable sound of incoming. A projectile of some size bounced a few times (instead of blowing up) and was stopped by banging into a container that, only coincidentally by the way, was full of soldiers cleaning it up. They thought someone was being mean and throwing rocks against the walls to scare them.

Obviously if the projectile had done its job at any point it may have been serious bad stuff. The path it went was uncanny though as well as its ultimate uselessness. I consider it a blessing I see over and over: The thing was incorrectly used by the bad guys and seemed guided in the things it missed. Blessed that they are so desperate that the things they try usually end up being duds.

I will give you an example. The bad guys will wrap electricians tape around a mortar because they think the Americans have an electrical shield on their vehicles and they've been told that by wrapping the tape around the mortar, they can defeat the "electron shield." Guess they've been watching too much Star Trek.

Anyway, I will try to be more careful about everyone's feelings in the future. I am profoundly affected by the things I see here and try to share my wonderment. Perhaps after my return the pics and short movie clips I have will reveal many parts of the experience in a "that's behind us" manner for those who are even interested. I think I'll make a DVD.

Alright! Suffice it to say that things seem to be better already as the military put some pressure on the bad guys. Saw several blindfolded prisoners come in recently. This is good news and there is lots of it.

Miss you and have a great day!!


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