Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Bombs at our BBQ

Here are pics from our little (but interesting) BBQ. The first is the bomb squad removing a cylindrical object from where it bounced too whilst we were 80 yards away preparing some cold drinks. Pepsi's, mostly. To my chagrin, there was no milk. Oh. Back to the pic. The red container/trailer is where the soldiers were inside, by fluke that day, cleaning it out. The BBQ surprise cylinder hit the bottom right corner after its second bounce. They thought someone threw a rock at the container to scare them, so they weren't scared until they stepped out. Then they were very happy that they could step out and then get some immediate aerobic exercise. Yes, they hot-footed it over to our BBQ, if you get my drift. If not, then this joke bombed. As it were.

So the next pic shows a happy soldier with his plate full of meat--the cake and trimmin's were in a covered area near by. Notice also his sun-burned face except where his goggles were--must be a gunner up on the turret of a combat vehicle. Or he rides one of those golf carts around all day. Also on display is one of our BBQ units, not available at Walmart but common where ever barrels, men, and welding equipment can be found. And spare time, as you can witness by my comrades (co-workers) found in repose in the shade behind that HumVee. Finally, I may mention the high cement walls often place around buildings to stop things like, say, bouncing bombs. Good stuff. All right, time for a cold MRE (Meals Ready to Eat). It was warm when I started this letter, but that was then...
This is now. Don't forget to vote next week.

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