Thursday, October 07, 2004

Christmas is Coming

Hi there!
I have received some requests to know if there is anything I need. I've decided to make a list if you are in the giving mood! First the list to be brief but check the details afterward, if you would. I'm not expecting to receive and I'd be happy to reimburse for your expenses if you will let me know what they are. I could use... (address at bottom)

clothes hangers-lots of them!
cowboy hat--straw and/or better
Water-proofing spray (see cowboy hats below)
Books to read
German---books, map, magazines, cds, travel dictionary
German contacts--friends, family, etc
Garrity flashlights
Brown Jersey (also known as garden) gloves
T-shirts--short and long sleeve
Deodorant--Mennon speed stick CLEAR
Post-its, bigger size
Stock tips
and anything you might be inspired to send??? Love is always good, but you are doing well with that...

OK, explanations:
Hangers--5, 10, 20, 100...they are hot items and everyone wants them. I need some and they would let me trade for favors or other stuff I need

Cowboy hat. Straw for Summer. But can you believe it, we have a serious rainy Winter season. It would be nice to have a felt or better quality and some rain-proofing spray for it. Or a weather resistant type hat with rim... Always wish I would have bought one of those Indiana Jones types....

Books, Good books. Good, known authors, good values, classics, biographies, yummy!

German stuff: I am going to Germany in February as part of R&R that they highly recommend and help pay for. I have not been there in 16 years and look forward to going!! I need to brush up on the language and plan my 10 days there.

German contacts: If you know anyone, church contacts, etc, that wouldn't mind letting me stop by for a rest or maybe even a night or two, I think that would be really fun!!

Garrity flashlights--fit in your hand, fireman preferred, come in fun colors, available at Walmart or Autozone for the best prices (less than $3 ea.)

Brown Jersey or garden gloves. Also at Walmart or Autozone for $1.29/pair. I will pay for up to 60, or 36, even 12 pair is fine.

T-shirts: to wear under my cover-alls, long-sleeves for the cooler weather
Mennon deodorant: My favorite kind. Clear, not the white kind. Thanks!

Stock tips: I'm keeping an eye on the stock market which I love so much. My current favorites are Roxi, Ebay, and keeping an eye on HDTV. Chips seem to be coming back, of which I like NVDA. However, it has some stiff competition lately. ROXI is making a lot of money and potential for a buyout from a bigger player. What do you like?
So there you have it! I'll amend this if anything else comes to mind but most of my needs are met here, I really don't have many. Thanks again for thinking of me!
P.S. I don't know how much it costs to send to this address, I think it is an American-priced and therefore not outrageous. It may take 10 to 30 days to get here, so no milk or spoilable things please! Or anything that may leak with a little abuse, you know the postal system....
Camp Warrior
APO AE 09347

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