Sunday, October 31, 2004

Did someone say...Rodeo?!

Is that yer steeeel hoss?

Iraq has the most amazing history in it...and under it. The other day some of the local nationals were on base filling up sand bags and the sergeant in charge noticed that they kept digging into these vases and had to throw them out of the way. Well, that stopped real quick because they were trashing artifacts hundreds, maybe thousands, of years old.

On base here there is an assortment of Saddam's antiquated artillery and even, as you can see, aircraft! Old mosques, including a mini-mosque, if only I could show you all the pictures!!! Anyone own a website with lots of space?

Also shown below is part of a typical cafeteria and if you can see in the picture, (I send bigger pictures than may be prudent for email because there is much in the details) is one of many posters sent over by American children wishing the soldiers well. Pretty cool stuff. The soldiers must always keep their weapons within reach when in uniform.

Eight seconds, and then it's my turn, cowboy!

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