Sunday, October 31, 2004

Hold Your Fire!

Sunday, pictures for loved-ones time! Everyone else is at work and the internet is free, time. Just yesterday, I noticed this new sign put up by the resident artist.

This group company of soldiers is based in Hawaii and this Sam Wais guy does some great wall art. Most of his work is oriented around the famliar items of their home island and is not to be taken seriously, like an office building painted up as "Bubba Gump's Shrimp Shack." So when I saw this new sign, I thought, "right!" But dropped my jaw as I saw this little entourage come along and execute a perfect right turn after coming up the sidewalk towards me and crossing...for us all to see. Talk about perfect timing. And since then, everyone has flocked in to see my pics...

The other pic, a typical mortar cannon, like the ones they use to shoot at us all the time. A smaller one, actually, as lately they have been quite huge! (see Bombs at our BBQ). Anyway, this is your Action Photographer, Ernie, out to migrate towards lunch!

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