Sunday, October 03, 2004


Yes, today's subject is History, and Happy Sabbath to you!
Today I have off, which I really like---the typical employee works a 7-day week. I rested a little extra and went off in search of the "Air force Chapel." It is conveniently located a 15-minute walk away. Next to the mess-hall, as if were. I found a gospel group just putting away their instruments, the drum-set doesn't get taken down. I wonder how that will change "Sacrament Meeting."

Thursday night I heard a religious group raising the roof of that little tent, I thought the enemy would be able to zero in on us for sure. They were raising a brilliant, joyful noise, as it were. Last night one of my teammate "Bruthas" came home very excited; he had won the grand prize at the Bingo tournament, a digital camera with movie! Can you say AMEN!

Since finding the tent a few hours before my meetings, I headed back and decided to stop by the medics to see if I could get my shot-card back--they took it during orientation. They gleeful informed me that I needed several more shots and let me have one right then and there. I hate that! But, truth be told, it is getting so I don't even feel them. Scary. I used to be absolutely horrified.

I hope I don't bore you with more info but I was reading the Old Testament about Jacob and Esau, Just got done with Abraham. I looked at the Bible Dictionary's maps and lo and behold, Abraham and Esau traveled right up the Euphrates. I am one river over just off the Tigris, right near a place formerly called Nineveh, no less! Makes you wonder if this are might be capable of large-scale "repentance?".... One of Esau's Dukes, or sons, live in place called Basra. It's right there in Genesis.

The bigger area I'm in was formerly the Kingdom of Assyria, and to the south was the Kingdom of Babylonia. The capital was very close to the present day Baghdad, also known as Babylon! In fact, we have a camp there called Babylon. Wow, sitting right here on top of ancient history.

An ancient empire and civilization of western Asia in the upper valley of the Tigris River. In its zenith between the ninth and seventh centuries B.C. the empire extended from the Mediterranean Sea across Arabia and Armenia.

Ok, that's enough for now. Talk to you soon!

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