Monday, October 25, 2004


Tonight we had to don sweatshirts and it felt like Fall. We were hitting 98 during the day earlier in the week but recently it has only gone up to 85 during the day. After going for weeks with pure sunshine, we are experiencing days with part cloud-cover as well. This time of the year is actually very nice...relatively speaking.

For those of you who are curious, I check daily, for the most part, to keep up on current events in American. I know about freak snow storms in California and elections and of course I watch the stock market almost every day. Except weekends when it's closed. But sometimes then.

Anyway, today was a great day for checking letters and emails and writing letters and scripture and my crew kinda took the day off for a BBQ since the work was slow. We had an amazing experience today and I'm trying to get some pictures lined up so stayed tuned for our next transmission....Bombs at our BBQ!

Found out that my shop foreman married an inactive Mormon and his dad was a Mormon too. He prays everyday over his food and is a good family man. When we had....bombs at our BBQ today, he too saw the hand of God in the constant miracles protecting us here. Very cool.
Alright, gotta go for now. God bless America, and God bless Iraq, I say! Stay safe,

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