Sunday, October 03, 2004

Bonus Pics

Ok, so the first picture below is myself in my first camp still, in my work attire. That includes Dickies overalls and my picture ID hanging around my neck and army issue boots. Those have since gone bad and I'm onto my Walmart steel-toe imitation hiking boots.

Pic two is one of the vehicles we are working on. Assigned to AOA or add-on armor, there was not enough work to do. So we are "volunteering" at a motor-pool. We get a lot of Humvees and some of the bigger rigs like this one. We hope to obtain a warehouse deserted and put up a shop like a normal garage--bring it in a we fix--for army vehicles. Not our original purpose, but hey, we are here to help "the client." (the army)
That is all for now.

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