Wednesday, November 16, 2005

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Northern and Eastern Iraq is mountainous and held by the Kurds. They have been safer 10 years under the no-fly zone. Still, during the 90s, Saddam would still sneak up and crush villages with tanks, so Kurds and are quite friendly and grateful for America finally finishing the job started in Desert Storm--getting rid of the Brutal dictator still thriving to the South. A soldier is safe there and many of their cities prosper economically. Soldiers have stayed overnight amongst the Kurds as they guarded the border with Iran or checked on villages to discern water, heat, or building needs. The generous villagers would bring out their best wares and feed the soldiers anything in their meager storage, and even adorn them with flowers. Coalition offensive postures in Kurdistan changed very quickly to helping them recover from Saddam’s abuse and neglect.

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