Sunday, November 13, 2005

My Veterans Week

I started writing back in 2004 about my little world here, then found a bigger picture, attempting to share the current world of the soldiers--and as you have seen, it has been mostly comprised of building, organizing, training, healing, and hazarding the weeding-out of remaining lawless elements. This week I will share, as I mentioned, pictures from the brief initial conflict, taken by the soldiers themselves. You’ll see the things they saw.

I might add my observations: You will see sober, committed, focused soldiers, and even helping hands in what was an overwhelming thrust, fraught with unknown peril. I think you will notice that their intensity of purpose is revealed in resolute countenances whether they be on offense, receiving gratitude, or resting. They knew what their job is and come what may, they stuck to it; not being swayed by danger, bitterness, or glory-seeking. Hope you are as impressed as I am. This is a peek back at their world, 2003.

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