Thursday, November 03, 2005

Be ye like children

A little story that Chaplain Nicholson repeated about a little girl in Iraq: The soldiers were driving along when they came upon a little girl sitting on the road, blocking their way. They motioned for her to get out of the way but she would not. A translator was brought forward. The girl said “bad men” and put something in the road ahead. Upon a search, a road bomb was found.

Returning, the soldiers of the 116th Idaho National Guard Reserves (that I have lauded here so shamelessly) again addressed the girl through the translator. What would she like for a reward? The girl answered simply, “a pencil.” Hence Operation Crayon and its successor programs have already had some valuable returns.

I searched for the article, reported in Idaho’s “Idaho State Journal” but only found a reference to this story in this article: Milestones

I don’t need to tell you again how endeared the soldiers and the children are to each other, but I needed an excuse to post more pictures of the little folks in Iraq (sorry, they are some of my favorite subjects). The soldiers have told me several times that their interactions with the children here help them forget some things they face and remind them this effort is worth it. And of course the children receive clothing, school supplies, candy, and admiration in return. It’s a win-win scenario. Enjoy! (please forgive a little merry seasonal poetry)


kimbo said...

The "little folks" are beautiful! Do you happen to know if the LDS Church's humanitarian services send their education packets over there? I'd be so excited to send some pencils ;) and I have a friend who assembles all the stuff into those bags. Let me know if you know!

Ernest said...

I've been asked how to contribute to success stories like this. There are so many ways if you search. Here are some excellent links to begin with, or try a google search. I recommend visiting them just for the heartwarming pictures and news alone! Indeed, the more good done, the better: Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. (Romans 12:21)

Ernest said...

The first address above (Op. Iraq Hope) is better found at:

Also, to answer your question, Kimbo, LDS Humanitarian Services are involved in hurricane and earthquake relief in Kosovo, El Salvador, Kartina hit areas, and others, but not Iraqi Schools specifically (that I know of).

Great to hear from you again!