Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving is the Bomb!

A small explosion ripped a hole in the wall of the hooch (living quarters) next to mine. The force blew a free-standing closet off the wall and with a crash it broke open across the bottom of the bed the tenant was sleeping in. But it wasn’t an enemy attack, just a PVC hot-water pipe blowing due to an over-active water heater. I know, because the same thing happened in my hooch 2 days later, flooding my floor. Fortunately I was at work and missed the terror of the experience my neighbor had!

I’m glad that, surrounded by a relatively small American force, the most excitement I’ve had this year is from a locally purchased water-heater. That is just the beginning of my gratitude. Thanksgiving is a holiday remembering the mercies of the Lord (so it will probably be outlawed in America, Land of the Free, soon), not in removing all of America's challenges, but ensuring that we rise above them and prosper still.

In America we put on an angry face to the public, but I am grateful that America is really full of goodness. I think Americans recognize that we are perhaps blessed more than any in the world. With liberty, prosperity, and safety, to name a few things. And because Americans recognize this gift is from God, they give back. How? By serving their fellow man.

Immediately in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, the affected areas were hit with a flood; a flood of volunteers, flowing in from all over America. People took off time from work to go help. In addition, companies like Walmart shipped in free supplies by the truckload and a cruise ship company offered rooms to stay in at its expense.

When the Tsunami hit those poorer countries, an American warship was the first to show up with tons and tons of water, food, and blankets while the UN was still meeting for an additional week, deciding what to do. When terrorism strikes at many countries the world over, America is the one spearheading the reaction, with a volunteer force, no less! Americans are generous, industrious, creative, courageous, and protective. For this, I am proud and grateful. For your thoughts, prayers, and love, I am also grateful. And I am most grateful to God for all of this, and opening my eyes to it. Happy Thanksgiving!


Bro. Brandon B. said...

GOD BLESS AMERICA and GOD BLESS YOU! Happy Thanksgiving to you and all our brothers and sisters serving in Iraq and around the world. Today I am thankful for the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard men and women (and of course all of their support services - add-on armor) . Today and every day is a great day for America and please tell everyone over their thankyou for me!

curious servant said...

I've heard it said that those affected by the tsunami noticed that there wasn't any jihad ccoming to help them, it was Americans... and the private citizens of America were primarily christians.

Thanks for keeping the posts coming E.!

By the way... I love the pics.