Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Veterans Week Rolls on Here at EGI

That’s EGI for Ernest Goes to Iraq. Honoring the Veterans of the early Iraq engagement with Saddam‘s regime by remembering the things they saw and dealt with. Not all bad, some beautiful, hopeful, positive, or amusing--as you may be able to tell.


Ernest said...

Sorry, some "brave" soul anonymously posted tripe from a politically extreme website here. It's only purpose seems to be to tear down and misinform. Taking a few elements of truth and mixing it with numerous falsehoods, it reflects some Big Media templates, but has almost no bearing on reality here.

There is plenty of such libel available everywhere; that's what makes the amazing things I experience, both first- and secondhand here, seem so amazing and worth telling about!

I will remove this propaganda, posing as a comment, soon. Please, if you believe in an alternate reality, something different than what is actually going on here--KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! There are plenty of sites for haters and blamers if that is what is important to you. This is not one of those sites and such has no place here.

And let me take this opportunity to remind us all that Iraq needs solutions, not trumped-up claims that harm the wonderful and improving relationship between Iraqis and Americans or others.

These people have been abused radically for 30 years and are naturally suspicious of any new power. Americans have a long history of helping. (In fact, Rush Limbaugh reminded us this week that no other country in the history of the world has given so many lives of its citizens to liberating others!) So please, the flame of freedom doesn't need dousing by a flood of negativism. And these people need hope, not fear.

Thank you, most of you, for keeping in the positive spirit of, and making uplifting contributions to, my little blog. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to arrive here and find out that it is so different than described and that Americans, although not perfect, are as prone to bravery and doing the good as we hope we would be. You can be proud.

truth about the war said...

Sure bud, keep feeding us the B.S.

Ernest said...

Thank You! That is quite an honor and endorsement, coming from someone with your perspective!