Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I could not resist more letters from the little folks back home. God bless them! In the history of the world, I think every nation has honored their soldiers as emblems of strength and admiration. Even so, though soldiers are for the most part pawns of political practice, they often bear the brunt of social scrutiny. But in our case, we can be eminently proud.

The local Iraqi children love the American soldier. They experience first hand the big-heartedness and machismo of our heroes and if anyone admires power, it is the people of Iraq! If a piece of candy comes from the store or a fellow-country man, Iraqi children accept it. But if it comes from an American soldier, it is the best-tasting candy in the world! And they respond all with smiles!

Have you thanked a hero lately?

(I had to take the pics of these letters with in a hurry so I’ve included the words below each one trying to preserve the original text)


music.angel said...

i have family there in Iraq. I spent last night on my bed crying after the latest letter came from him. You all are truly our heros. I'm glad i stumbled accross your blog and hope to visit often to hear how things are there.
And the pictures of the letters are precious. They must just melt your heart.

Karyn said...

This is so precious and couldn't come at a better time! Thank you for sharing so freely and beautifully what you're seeing and hearing. Much love and peace to you! Stay safe and know you're in our prayers!

Ernest said...

Thank you, dear ladies. If you were here, you'd see how easy it is to know these things are true. There's just something about an American soldier.