Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Alles Gute

Ahhhhhhh!! Snowboarding was great! Even though the World Cup Ski competition was taking place on my mountain and the lift broke with me on it for half an hour, nothing could stop the love! It hadn’t snowed for weeks but there was a 6-foot base and balmy temperatures made for almost a Spring -snow situation. Savory! Speaking of which, I also had some authentic German cuisine in a traditional setting. I could do without all the smoke, but man is that stuff good!

Sunday was great too. I first attended a Deutsche Gemeinde (German congregation) and then the Frankfurt International Ward at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I met several fine Russians, some old Dutch and Frankfurt friends, and made some new American acquaintances. The people were wonderfully warm and gracious.

That evening I attended a “Fireside” chat where the featured speaker was the American “National Mother of the Year 2005.” She happened to be LDS and in town, I guess, and it was awesome to hear her experiences and the counter-world wisdom that she learned from them. Very uplifting. She is very meek and is embarrassed with the honor, but perhaps that is why she let me get a picture with her. It was an honor for me! She is the mother of 11 children, one of whom as Downs-Syndrome and has 42 grandchildren. Frankly, I think all mothers are amazing.

Great fun so far and I am just getting started!


Stephen said...

You ought to join in the bloggernacle.

Glad I found your site from another LDS blogger.

SRA said...

Good times. Que divertido que le encuentro La Madre del Ano durante su tiempo en Frankfurt! ~~

curious servant said...

That sounds like a welcome break!

Glad you are enjoying your R&R

Ernest said...

Thanks Steve! What's a bloggernacle?

And SRA, that's not the language we speak in Frankfurt--does that come with a translation?

Good and Curious Servant: always good to hear from you, hopefully doing good never takes a break...