Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hard to Believe?

I feel so blessed to be here in Iraq. This experience has held a great amount of incredible blessings and I wonder how did I receive such an amazing opportunity? To see history in the making, to see the American soldier and be part of the American War machine in action. To come to understand its physical AND moral superiority. And to experience the warmth and goodness of the Iraqi people, who, in the press, are often made out to be something less than human.

I love seeing Iraqis happy and beginning to fill with hope and optimism. I love seeing them on this base, laughing and joking; it seems they know they are safe and in better hands than maybe they are even out amongst their own countrymen, where murders and the power-hungry can still lurk. With each passing month they seem more confident and enjoy interacting with Americans more. It seems they had been told how bad we were, just as we believed they were all a bunch of marauders and could never be anything else.

It has been an eye-opener and a heart-warmer. Yes, there is still grave darkness here, hatred, and evil. As there is anywhere. But I just read about some soldiers on a raid in an Iraqi's residence. They found no weapons, but a baby with a serious medical problem. They adopted that baby, gathered donations amongst themselves and are sending the baby and its grandmother to America for an operation, where a top surgeon offered a no-cost surgery. That story is symbolic of the trust Iraqis have for us and the greatness of the American hearts that beat in the breasts of these soldiers. They are touched and they reach out to a people in need. What army in the world's history does that???
(See Micheal Yon's blog for a link to this story, scroll down until you see Georgia National Guard in Iraq or click here)

This story is not a rare exception. It is common. Just as there are soldiers involved every week in bringing toys, candy, and school supplies to children all over Iraq. Along with the inevitable rounding up of bomb-makers, snipers, and suspects, etc. Oh, which reminds me--I hear the most amusing stories like from the detention center here! Like a guy they found near a weapons cache. He says over and over, "those are not my bombs!! I am a sniper! I have shot 8 or 9 people, but I swear, those are not my bombs!" They are going to hang onto him anyway, in case you were wondering.

You can be proud of who we are and what we are doing. We're not perfect, but we are good. And so are these people, given a chance.

Pray for those in Iraq.


Curtis said...
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whackywheelers said...

Ernest . . . I sure hope Curtis is a friend. He just kind of annoys me. Happy New Year and stay safe!!

Ernest said...

Sorry, some people have the ability to look at a vase and find a tiny scratch, hold a magnifying glass over it, and claim the vase is hopelessly cracked.

Sorry Curtis, your "info" isn't new and everyone's already heard it a million times--that kind of stuff has no place here.

curious servant said...

Heavenly Father... please bless the nation of Iraq. May You protect those who love freedom, those who love justice. May those who are frightened, and confused, be brought alongside believers that they may know more about You.

Lord, please bring peace to thss place, as it was when it bordered upon Your garden.

Lord, please bring peace here.

And lord, please drive out the forces of evil may all that is left of the spirits of Babylon be swept away.


Curtis said...
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Ernest said...


From time to time there are souls that feel that ANY good things said about America and its soldiers, must immediately be tarnished with a negative example, and that the negative example somehow represents the whole. Such hateful intent and bashing have no place here.

That is their "right" to do so, but there are plenty of other forums for that. This is not a proper public forum; this is my personal webspace--to share my experiences and thoughts with those whom I choose. It is fine to disagree with my conclusions and say so, but again, this is not a place to tarnish and bash the ones who protect that very right of free speech while doing so.

I prefer the fine example set by many of my wonderful cyber friends here who speak positive and hopeful words. THANK YOU so much for sharing your inspiring friendships!

No one needs reminding how ugly war is. Any fool can point out the negative. It takes no thinking and no work. But to see light through the darkness, or to send things that help, or like many soldiers who actually are so touched by their interaction with the Iraqi people that they return as civilians to serve them even more, these things will be noted here!!!

For a very interesting principle taught by a prophet of the Lord, see the story of The Twelve Spies in (the Old Testament book) Numbers: chapters 13&14.

Ten spies brought back a true but "evil" report that inspired fear, doubt, and dissention. Two spies brought back a positive report and inspired faith.

The ten spies AND THOSE THAT HEARKENED UNTO THEM were severely punished. The two spies that reported in faith were the only two original Israelites to enter the promised land. An amazing moral to the story if you take time to ponder it.

Therefore, my positive reports.
Comments with content I deem hateful or "evil reports" will not be posted. Thank you for understanding.

whackywheelers said...


M+ said...

You are a true blessing to those of us who stop by to read of your adventures. And I agree with you wholeheartedly about the negativity that some people just can't seem to let go of, even when the light is shining in their eyes.
Peace to you and those in Iraq.

Mo Mommy said...

I second your opinion as to censoring comments.
It's like someone walking into your house and calling you names, completely rude and unacceptable, for someone to be hurtful and negative on your personal blog.
I would have used much more childish and abrupt wording like:"nyah, nyah, it's my blog and I can delete you!*blows raspberries*" So good job being the bigger man!
Thanks for your positive stories, they do much to counter-balance all of the negative ones!

Karyn said...

Hey Ernest.
I am so happy that you are able to remove the words of those who would abuse your space for their own purpose. I pray for you, our troups and especially the people of Iraq. Those of us blessed to be born in America have little idea how lucky we are. It's long been my prayer that God would use our time of war in Iraq to open the doors to Christianity for those who might not have had another chance of exposure. How many hearts have been touched since the war began? Why would anyone think that God would only use pretty situations to spread His word? I grew the most during the most painful time in my personal life. I believe without our people over there salvation would be a long time coming for some. May God continue to bless you and the people you serve.