Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Excuse me, is this Baghdad?

Wow. What a difference, even since I came through the Baghdad International Airport 4 months ago! It almost looked like a real airport…inside. It was clean, baggage handlers working, ramps were back up, even a cafeteria! And there were even more Arabic people traveling. The guards were all on the perimeter guarding the doors this time and there weren’t near as many. Now, don‘t get me wrong, outside it still looks a lot like a war zone and they only use one or two wings at the airport. But arriving, it almost felt like a normal airport.

Outside the terminal, it has yet to be landscaped and there is still a lot of destruction. But there were some new cars pulling up this time. I suspect only the more wealthy Iraqis and travelers that can afford security do the traveling. But we were escorted on new buses by armored SUVs, one was even a black-on-black Hummer! Not HumVee; an H2 Hummer, and both our SUV escorts had flashing strobes lights going. One would race ahead and block off an intersection for our turn. It felt like Rock-Star treatment.

So you may have guessed I am traveling now. Yup. As much as I love it here in Iraq, I love to get away. Need to get away---I get a little stir-crazy. Fortunately we can escape from time to time. I’m way past ready for this one! Talk to you soon…

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