Friday, December 16, 2005

Mark's Answer

Every once in a while I get a wild hair and proffer my opinion, for what it’s worth. Based on what I have seen and what I have learned, this time it is called...“Mark's Answer”

I know, some of you are skeptical. “Ernie, it can't really be going very well,” or
“Ernie, you know America does its own propaganda.”

Well, two things. First, that is exactly who I would want to be doing the “propaganda.” We are the good guys, despite the opinion of extreme voices.

Secondly, I continually look at this from an historical perspective. You don't think the Germans hated us after their defeat in WWII? Wanted us out of their country? SO WHAT??? We still trained them to be a good and industrious little democracy anyway AND IT WORKED. Now they beg us not to leave.

So I recommend you tear yourselves away from the perspective of the moment. In the history of war, I think the rate of progress is nothing short of phenomenal. So who cares if even a preponderance of Iraqis dislike us? Is this supposed to be a popularity contest?

What if a cancer in a late stage was cut out of a patient. Wouldn't the patient look worse than before the doctor started? Couldn't the patient stare at the doctor and scream at the pain and scars the doctor caused him? And that the doctor probably destroyed some healthy cells along with the bad ones?

I think the Iraqi people are worth it. They have been ravaged by the cancer of dictatorship for so long, yet they are responding in a most strong and responsible manner. I am confident even more of them will someday appreciate the doctor, and if more don't: I am simply grateful they are in a better place.

We, the U.S. ourselves, were born of adversity. And we did not start, but we did end, two World Wars. We are up to this. And the Iraqis are definitely into liberty!
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SRA said...

Ernie, you know I love you as my brother in the gospel, so please don't take this wrong...but comparing post-WWII Germany and Iraq in this situation now is apples and oranges, if for no other reason than there was not a "German insurgency" as there is with the Iraqis today. There was no speculation that Germany was going to fall into civil war if the US left after WWII, since it became two separate countries there is speculation that if the US pulls out at the wrong time, there will be potential civil war between the Shiites and Sunnis. This is not the same world or same situation we're dealing with, so the comparison doesn't work.

And must you get all your stories from FoxNews? I hope you realize other networks have positive things to say as well.


Ernest said...

Dear friend! Interesting side notes, but EVERY country America has freed has had different circumstances, don't you think?

Germany is merely one example of how we overcome great adversity in manifold situations and I believe is applipicable to the many challenges we face.

However, I'd like to address some of those points since they are badly distorted in the press. (Sorry, I'm something of a history buff, so I get into this!) Hopefully a further comparison will help:

After World War II, the press was VERY negative, much as it is now. Headlines claimed we failed to solve anything in Germany. (A German "insurgency" continued to kill American soldiers even after 6 years and it actually continues on today in the skinhead movement, for one example, still threatening.)

As usual, the dire predictions of the press after WWII were hopelessly pessimist and WRONG!

You will find the same, time after time through history. The press is negative and WRONG so often. That is why it is so cool to be here and see things actually working, to see the real story in action. (History was a large part of my Politcial Science Major.

As for the potential for "civil war", that is also an overblown media fear. But that too begs the question: are we to give up because there are problems???

Liberty is the basic yearning of the human soul, and given both the will of the American and Iraqi people, and God's interest in freewill, I think there is an irresistable force moving towards freedom here.

Unfortunately, liberty almost always comes at great cost; that is what is to be lamented. But seeing these people's overwhelming joy in being freed from Saddam makes it all seem worth it.

SRA, thank you for visiting and your kind comments, it's great to hear from you so often! I hope you don't mind my spirited response, and don't worry, I am not offended by comments from friends.

Mo Mommy said...

I have been a lurker for such a long time now and simply wanted to say bravo for this post. You (and I) believe in a position which is very unpopular with many people, sadly. You phrased many of my thoughts so well here that I just wanted to give you some support.

P.S. I don't watch FOX news, it rather irritates me ;)

Ernest said...

Glad for your visits and views. They are far more common than you might think if you are measuring by media coverage.

On my most recent trip to America, the vast majority of strangers, when they found I had been in Iraq, told me how much they supported us there.

As for Foxnews, I don't watch it either! But I read them online and it seems they are the only major media outlet not afraid to show the positives to the war as well as the negatives. The Wall Street's Opinion Journal is also an excellent source for alternative views not available in Big Media.