Thursday, December 15, 2005

abandoned building on base Posted by Picasa

Sundays I take a walk around the base and meditate. I found this burned out building in an out of the way place. Found a bunch of writing on the walls (yes, there is a arrow through a heart in the middle) and these "adult beverage" types of bottles(see next picture) rotting away with some high caliber (spent) shells laying on the ground in piles. And you wonder; what went on here in the past? Would Saddam approve of this drinking?


Anonymous said...

Wow, this blog is great. You've got some great pics!

Ernest said...

Thanks, it's kinda fun being over here!

SRA said...

Human beings are human beings, and even if your "leader" is as Saddam was, you're going to do stuff to be rebellious in your own little ways.

Like the LDS joke about the kids sneaking away to drink a Pepsi.


Ernest said...