Sunday, December 04, 2005

Contractor Ron

Ron was a privately contracted pilot for a long time, and also became expertly proficient in certain airliner jets. More recently he was hired by Shri Lanka in a consultant capacity to get some of their commercial planes certified and off the ground and has done related work in such places as Africa and Japan. He literally could live a life of luxury practically anywhere in the world. His choice? To fly a little gray airplane using high-tech equipment to spot IEDs (road bombs) on convoy routes. How long does he want to stay? Until the war is won, he says, or for as long as they need him. He wants to save lives.

What a remarkable man, and my friend. Two weeks ago he prayed in our meetings for opportunities to share the restored gospel with others. Last Sunday a young man showed up in Church and accepted the offer to learn more. I came along, but Ron seems amazingly inspired to testify and challenge this great guy to discover the miracles of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I wonder, what draws not only the greatest evils to the battle's front, but also the Pat Tillmans, the Rons, and other duty-bound volunteers to the cutting edge of war? What drives them to leave family and comfort for this? What do you think?

To me, it is clear. The most valiant forces, for good or for evil, are drawn to the most important battles.

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