Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas at the K.R.A.B 2005

The Christmas Spirit permeated the Kirkuk Regional Air Base here in Iraq. Santa could be seen bailing into a hanger, red hats with white fringes, roasted pigs, spicy elves, and more all present and accounted for. The Dining Facility particularly was all decked out and the soldiers were shown a good time. Here are just a few visual aids…


annegb said...

I so appreciate your blog. Thank you for putting up these pictures. I ache for the boys serving and their families. My son was a Marine, he died a suicide, didn't serve in war time. I think how it would be if he were in Iraq and I worried about him.

You are doing a good thing.

Ernest said...

Hi annegb,

Thank you for your kind notes. I am sorry to hear about your son. I pray he is in a better place. You can be proud of the other sons and daughters of America that serve and sacrifice here. They too, can be considered yours and mine as we serve and support them. I hope you had some wonderful holidays. God bless,