Friday, October 28, 2005

Kimbo Says…

"I really appreciate your blog. I've had a few friends come home and they just hope their families let them go back to Iraq. They loved it, and we, who believed the media to some extent, were blown away by that. One was actually a mechanic who was burned over there--he got to go back for a bit, but is once again home. I just find it so refreshing to hear things from an insider's perspective. I find the Iraqi people fascinating in their resolve to rebuild. It must be remarkable watching it all. Thanks for your updates!" KIMBO

First of all, it is remarkable, watching it! Even from my limited vantage, I find the Iraqi people can be very beautiful, motivated, and exciting. But this somewhat anonymous commenter on my blog seems to hit the nail on the head for a lot of folks: The news makes it seem so bad over here in Iraq, how come those who know say things are going so well?

Well, because it is going well, all things considered. Why then the negative? The media loves the negative. The media has political/social agendas. Everyone has experienced this, but it is still hard to change our minds when we have relied on an unbiased, watchdog-type of media for so long. Recently, even quite a few major stories have been fabricated!

I think there is an up-side to that. Instead of being passively spoon-fed information, many are becoming pro- active in seeking out truth and facts for themselves. It’s good to be proactive on important matters. But I think there is also something more powerful at work here.

Americans are a helpful, positive people in general. Give them a chance and they can fix or change almost anything, even a nation’s destiny, one heart at a time sometimes. Of course there is negative here, or anywhere. But that is not the story here…Thomas Edison is not known for 2000 failures, but the one success. (think lightbulb) Tiger Woods; not for all the shots he misses, but all the shots he makes. The REAL story in Iraq are the things working, but largely unreported. And they are HUGE. That’s my opinion, what’s yours?


curious servant said...

Good news just doesn't sell.

Well, sort of. I think this blog is doing well because there IS a "market" for the other part of the story.

Thanks again for your posts.

Maripat said...

I appreciate you taking the time to keep us up to date on your blog. Thank you and everyone over there for the great job done.

Karyn said...

2000 failures? I never even knew. There might be something to your theory here! As usual I am enjoying your take on life over there. And am blessed by your heart for these people. Keep safe and sound.

annegb said...

Could you go over to Millennial Star blog and do a search for GWB and argue with this guy named War Weary who hates us? I can't do it very well.

I check in here regularly, but just enjoy. I don't have much to say.

Ernest said...

Thanks AnneG, it's very nice to have you visit and I'm glad you enjoy the "reports."

Unfortunately, I know what you mean about those who hate. Hate can be blinding and no amount of facts or lack thereof can change those minds. Discussion isn't possible. I leave them alone and put energy where it does some good.

Thanks again for your faith in America! We are known for succeeding!