Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Jeremy is Special

Every once in a while the Special Forces units come into the shop with their vehicles. We always seem to have a crew member or two who is inclined to connect with these guys and do things that aren‘t exactly within our “mission parameters.” The Secret Ops guys are looking for innovative armor to meet their needs and work-in with their methods and special gear, you see. In our shop, the “go-to guy” is generally Jeremy.

Jeremy is always working a power tool, designing, re-organizing. Where I am always dinking with my word processor and internet devices, Jeremy is tinkering with the shops tools and supplies. We can never find anything because he is always seeking perfection in shop utility; moving and stacking, filing and organizing. If he were to drop dead we’d be in a heap-o-trouble. But as long as he is here, if we need anything, we just ask him where it is.

Anyway, the Special Forces, or SF (everything in the military is reduced to acronyms), come in with their knives and weapons, they look like they’ve just crawled out of the jungle, er…desert. They say they need something like this or something like that and Jeremy scratches his scruffy little goatee for a minute, then sticks his finger in the air and says, “I think I have just the thing!” When he brings it out, I invariably say, “I didn’t know we had one of those” and crawl back to my toolbox.

“What do the Special Forces do,” you may ask? We’ll if everybody knew, it wouldn’t be Special, now would it? Suffice it to say that they have, and do, really cool stuff. At least, that is what I think. And it’s special guys like Jeremy that help keep them going.

Late Note: Due to company growth, our talent is being split up. Sadly, Jeremy has been sent away, along with quite a few of the other guys, to seed groups of new mechanics on other bases. Dang! Incidentally, I received a promotion (read: nice raise) due to my “new” status as experienced. Ernest, signing out for now. That’s Armor Master-Mechanic Ernest…


Karyn said...

Not related to your wonderful blog, but tonight just asking all who know our Lord to pray for the over 15 million children who have lost one or both parents to Aids. Reading your words and knowing your heart I feel no hesitation to ask you to visit my sites, and join in with those of us who will be praying in earnest (no pun intended) for those most innocent victims. Having lost my husband in 9/11 I know more than most the pain a child carries with the loss of a parent. Whenever, however, remember those not as blessed as us. And as always, I continue to pray for you and those amazing souls who you so selflessly give to. Hope all is well, and hope to hear if you choose to join my little prayer chain!

curious servant said...

Just checking in with my favorite Iraq correspondent/mechanic.

I want you to know how much I have enjoyed reading your blog over the past six months or so.

I especially like the stuff that doesn't get into the regular news.

Glad you got a raise, sorry you've lost Jeremy.

Hang in there, and keep in my the importance of being Ernest.