Wednesday, October 26, 2005

a few remaining LDS after their last meeting, largely from the 148th  Posted by Picasa

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Michele Harmon said...

What a great photo - especially because my husband is in the front row - 3rd from the left - Sgt. Harmon. He is the greatest guy on the planet and I'm so excited to have him home soon. My friend has been an avid reader of your daily blogs and just told me about you today because she saw my husband in this photo too. Thanks for telling uplifting stories - that's what we've been trying to do all along as well. So many people are so mis-informed and I've had the honor and the privilege of setting them straight. I hope you enjoyed visiting with these guys - they're pretty decent that's for sure. (especially that handsome one in the front row that I've already mentioned.)
Mrs. Sgt. Harmon (a.k.a. Michele)