Sunday, October 09, 2005

Commotion equals Preparation

As the Iraqi constitutional election nears (Oct 15) the apache helicopters flit through the skies like angry wasps, keeping an eye out for trouble and protecting the patrols on the ground. In the evening huge “Ka-booms” momentarily command our complete attention--then we smile with relief and mutter to each other, “Outgoing!“ Indeed, the boys are firing great flares from the base high into the air to light up suspicious activities in the dark. These amazing flares tinge the night’s canopy with bright yellow arcs that drift slowly down, like the lingering refrains of Summertime fireworks.

All part of an orchestrated plan of protection. Combined with the recent attacks on known terrorist camps that funnel in trouble-makers from cross the Western border, it is clear that proactive steps are being taken to help ensure a more peaceful voting process. It worked last time with a relatively quiet election day last January and you must conclude: American military leaders know what they are doing and they do it well. We of course hope that the Iraqis will give themselves a new constitutional government.

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