Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Moment in the Day in the Life of...

...a soldier. Thought you might enjoy it if I pass along this message I received from Specialist Rapp--just a snapshot out of the life of a soldier here (his un-edited words follow, not mine):

Okay, check it out. We did the funnest thing the other day. We were driving to another town and we had a huge bag full of toys and we were throwing them to little kids on the side of the road. Anyway, we got behind this huge truck that wouldn't pull over. That makes us kind of nervous because it could be something as small as them not noticing us, or as large as the bomb they have strapped to their car. So we were honking at this truck to get off to the side of the road. That's when we saw the little girl sitting in the back of the truck. We got super excited and yelled at our gunner in the turret, "Hey, to your right, to your right. The little girl." He thought we were talking about the truck, so he picked up a rock to chuck at it. That's when he saw the little girl and he got really excited. So we handed him a bright, lemon-yellow lion with red streaks in its mane. At that time we were going about 50 mph and the truck was only going 40, so we were just about to pass it. But the gunner heaved it just in time and landed it at the foot of the little girl. I was pointing to the front, so I didn't see it, but the gunner said the eyes of the girl got huge and she started jumping up and down. We felt awesome.

Anyway, just so you know that we're still having fun over here and doing some good, we hope, while we're at it.

[Specialist Rapp]

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