Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bunker Bucks

When something gets lobbed into the base by the bad-guys, the siren goes off. We have to trot off to a bunker and then we all report in by radio. When the all-clear code is given, we go back to "normal activity," which in the case of last night, was sleeping!

The calls often last 1/2 to an hour but can go much longer. If it is outside work hours, it counts and goes on the clock. The extra pay is affectionately referred to as “bunker bucks.”

In other local news, our “other” employee-vehicle (not the bus) lost a second air conditioning compressor to the heat; the bearings burned up again. So here is a picture of your favorite AoA mechanics working on our own vehicle. Gotta have that A/C!

And finally, we have seen clouds! That’s right, and temperatures have dropped down to as low as 105 in the day and around 80F at night. A taste of Fall and milder days ahead. It appears we may have survived the Iraq Summer. But it’s not over yet.

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Abel said...

Only 105, huh. Makes our "hot" summer seem mild by comparision.