Thursday, August 25, 2005

Iraqi "Cops" and "Oprah"

My own little city of Kirkuk has a TV show about COPS. How they catch the bad-guys and, well, get killed themselves. Viewers can call in and cheer or complain. See the news article here: NEWS This is an incredible sign of the new freedom, the great change in the way things are done in Iraq. Note this last quote from the TV station’s manager Mohammed:
"After liberation, many things changed. Many dreams were realized. We use freedom and democracy," he said. "Our duty is to show people that freedom."

There is also a radio show by and for women in the Baghdad area called “Cup of Tea.” If you know anything about the historical place of women in Middle-Eastern culture, you know this is UNBELIEVABLE progress!!! Here is quote from an article about that show:

Three years ago, Majda Jabouri earned a small living as a housekeeper, the only job she could find after being imprisoned because of her family's opposition to the regime of then-Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.
Today, she hosts a popular daily call-in show on Radio Almahaba, Iraq's only station dedicated to women's issues, called "Cup of Tea." Most episodes are devoted to relationships, parenting, and other topics that would be familiar to any "Oprah" viewer. The show is also a product of its environment: a recent episode dealt with women's feelings of jealousy and powerlessness when their husbands take second wives
. Link: Cup of Tea
Iraq may be a new example in the Middle East to make a better life for women here. Things like this could never occur in the old Iraq. And another sign of the failure of the terrorists to daunt the people of Iraq!


Stephen said...

Glad to visit. Followed the M* link.

Anonymous said...

Segregation of the sexes is nothing new.