Wednesday, August 03, 2005


The soldiers were driving along, but this time there were not other soldiers in the back. Instead, 7 Iraqi nationals rode along to help. A Very loud explosion occurs. One Iraqi national feels the impact in his back… Not all stories have a happy ending, but this one does. He is OK! They all are. The next day, a soldier brings the vehicle into our shop. They want a new armored panel. We are only too happy to oblige, and emit oohs and aahhs about the averted disaster. Fortunately the armor has served its purpose once again! Look close and see the big pieces of metal shrapnel, a shell casing, that remain from the bomb. The Iraqi national that was sitting with his back against the panel that was hit is probably thanking Allah right now. Yes, this time, there is a happy ending. Check out the pictures that follow.


Sariah said...

That is amazing!

Thank goodness for what you do!

Toad734 said...

Why didn't they think of this armor thing at the beginning of the war?