Sunday, July 31, 2005

Severely Blogged

What if I told you that, after thousands of years of violence, Iraq is now a peace-loving nation. A great contributor to the world in terms of quality products and a strident ally in wars against dictators and terrorism. Its government and people refined and so ardent about improving that they stabilize the Middle-East. Their people are beautiful and enlightened, educated and productive. They agree that America will not remove its remaining bases from their land.

Well, this has happened! Yes, it has. Not with Iraq. But with Japan. And Germany. And on a smaller scale, many more countries. It’s what we, America, do. We’ve done it decade after decade. The wars that preceded these astounding successes were brutal, harsh, even more unsavory than our current conflict. But we smash a brutal dictator. We then sacrifice additional life to their residual hatred as we stay and pay (big time) to rebuild them. Teach them to be peaceful and productive. And after they can stand on their own, they govern themselves.

Germany and Japan are now all those things in the first paragraph and some of the world’s best citizens. I beg your understanding. Usually I just relay my experiences here, certainly through my perspective, and let you judge for yourselves what it may mean. But in this blog I wanted to sum up the meaning of some of my experiences and studies of the nature of this struggle.

In my fledgling wanderings through the world of blogs I have found many that support these principles that have brought us to Iraq, but there are also many that try to harp on every flailing in it, while presenting no alternative to the necessities that regrettably and irrefutably brought war to us at this time. Such chaffing without balm and without consideration to the evil averted has raised my ire and caused me to recall these examples from history to make this point: What a difference the noble citizens of America have made when answering the fearful call of war. Critics ne‘er contribute.

Taste for yourself this little rant from a Sunni “girl” (LINK). She complains that her air conditioner and washing machine don’t work sometimes now that America has so wickedly attacked her wonderful leaders. Water and electricity were supposedly always on when Saddam was in charge. She claims knowledge that Al-Qaeda wasn’t here until the Americans came; hence it’s our fault they are in Iraq.

For the record: The Sunnis received the benefits of Saddam’s oil money and some graces. The rest of Iraqis often lived in mud and stone huts, (not to mention horrible fear) --how they wish they had air conditioning or even a fridge! And they wash their pots, pans, and clothes in streams and well water. Their neighborhoods are like ghettos. Some of the Sunni leaders have encouraged and sustained Al-Qaeda in hopes to win back dominance over these abused citizens. (Shiites and Kurds are the ones targeted by terrorists). This girl’s (mis)perceptions stem from her little window on Iraq and are fed by the world media. (You will find links to Al-Jazeera and the NY times on her site)

Don’t feel too bad for her. Eventually she will have air-conditioning all day long and be able to wash her clothes at will again. The difference being, so will the rest of Iraq! And I will wager you that the scenario I presented in the first paragraph will seem obvious someday. It will take time, a lot of time probably a generation, but it’s what we Americans do. We’ve done it a lot. We’re good at it. And it’s amazing when you think about it. Do we really turn age-old, murderous countries into useful free citizens of the world? Yes, we do.


Bighead Bob said...

I came about your website through Provopulse. I think it's great what your doing, serving our country and all.

There was just something that caught my attention that I felt I must comment on. Your comparison of the Iraqi situation to Japan and WW2 is a little different. Actually is is very different. A large part of American Occupation in Japan was to fix everything they destroyed. They didn't have to fight off insurgents. What brutal dictator did japan have? If you look at the Emperor of Japan at that time he was not a dictator at all. He was well loved. No where near Hitler or Hussein. Teach them to be peaceful and productive? Man you really have a warped mind if you bring Japan into the same category of the Nazi's.

Please be aware of what you mean when you say things. I agree that Japan's charge on the Pacific ocean to take control was irrational. But in no time were the Japanese people anywhere comparable to what is going on in Iraq or what the Nazi's did.

Keep up the good work and may God bless you for you work.

Ernest said...

Thanks for stopping by, Bob! I appreciate your compliments and concern. Remember, this is more a broad statement. It is not intended to insinuate a line-by-line likeness. But I think your perspective on history is a little bit off.

The Japanese in the decades preceding World War II waged war on, invaded, and occupied neighboring countries. They engaged in brutal and sadistic war atrocities. Their devotion to the Emperor resulted in kamakazi attacks--suicide bombers against America. Sound familiar? Check this at:

I also appreciate what you imply about the Japanese people; they became American, escaping conditions in Japan and are very docile and outstanding citizens. Many Germans were not terrible either, but it was obey Hitler or die. The same is true about the people of Iraq. Many of them are beautiful and quality people.

But those are side points to a general point I was making.

I guess it is a secret but it is part of our deal towards the nations we defeat: for our rebuilding aid, they agree to set up a democracy and cease hostilities against their neighbors. Japan no longer wars against its neighbors, Germany either. Iraq is on the way. That’s what we do. It's an honor to be a small part of it.