Friday, July 22, 2005

Credit Due: Part II

But to give credit where credit is due, he told me of another time his group came under heavy fire in the Sunni Triangle. They entered a city with HumVees, Bradley’s; he and his squadron on foot. Those on foot would walk between and behind the Bradley’s for protection. When the heavy fire surprised them, the tanks and HumVees retreated, leaving the foot-soldiers with only their vests and helmets to protect them. As he put it, “you’d be surprised to know how fast you can run the ‘Mogadishu Mile’ in [full gear] when you need to!“ That’s about how far they ran from a rainstorm of bullets with NO CASUALTIES.

My point? I will shamelessly repeat it again since we are so often showered with the negative news. For every soldier hit, thousands escape. The extremely low number of casualties in this conflict is nothing short of miraculous. Nothing short of thousands of miracles. These stories I hear over and over make it a very difficult environment for Atheism to survive in. The facts stare you in the face. Hearts change.

I also receive letters from many of you letting me know of the prayers of your families, congregations, and others for the welfare of our dedicated soldiers. It works!! I thank you! They thank you.

Unfortunately, Sunday was again one of those sad, solemn times when a soul is taken home. The base seemed deserted as many gathered for a “Ramp Ceremony,” the entry of the fallen onto air transport for their final trip to family. We continue to hope that such times are the exceptions, rather than the rule in this war. And that those taken are in God's care.

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