Saturday, July 02, 2005

Germany: Mission Accomplished!

What can I say? This glorious trip to Germany this time included even more beautiful and scenic vistas, fresh mountain air, hearty food, and some grand socializing. All the things I went for. Ahhhhh! In fact, it had been quite chilly and raining before I came, guess I brought some Iraqi sun with me. The sun shone warm for days and days (rain returned only once briefly before I left), reflecting in the sunny attitudes of those I met.

Yes, the best part was the people. Specifically some of the great people from my Church. I contacted two of them ahead of time online and they welcomed me right in when I arrived. The very first day I found myself at a lodge by a lake with a hundred others and there was food, good clean fun, programs, and one of the best dances I have seen--those German LDS singles can dance like nobody’s business!! They start teaching them at age 14/15 and once they are college age--wow!

The third night I was visiting a church in my Mission’s first city, Kaiserslautern and I was thrown in a car and taken to a BBQ/water party by some American singles. I had 4 large glasses of lemon-aid and 3 Rootbeer floats, SO GOOD! I’ve been in Iraq too long and for those things I surely was thirsty !!

And so it went. Members often gave me a place to stay, invited me to events, fed me, made sure I was secure. Thanks to this world-wide church, I have always found good clean fun, food, and friends almost everywhere I go. How great it is to arrive and be treated like family in a foreign land. I even met a couple I knew. From Utah, of course!

But here are some pictures of some places for you…

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Ms. D said...

First and fore most I truly enjoy reading your blog. I commend you for enlightening us, in a positive way, with your experience with Iraqi people, a privilege we don’t have in the American media. I don’t necessarily agree with the whole situation but I am a fan of our military and the thought of world wide peace.
My husband is now retired from the US Army. “We” served three years in Kaiserslautern Germany.. In Vogelweh, to be exact. It is a beautiful city with awesome hospitality.
I wish you luck in all that you do. Please receive my best wishes for you and fellow beings who accompany in your current task.