Thursday, July 14, 2005

Safety Issue

The other night I was on the way home from the gym when a rocket flew right over my vehicle. I had the stereo up pretty loud but the “Whoosh” was even louder. Like an over-sized bottle-rocket. Which is what it is. Over-sized bottle-rocket “with report.” That is, they are supposed to explode.

I watched as the truck behind me swerved over and turned around, heading for the nearest bunker I suppose. The rocket had already landed and not gone off, just behind the medic‘s bunker. No report after all. The second one was also a dud, but started a fire after landing. Right next to the Air Force fire station.

The military boys came out and set up lights to find the first one. Once found and carefully removed from the ground, it is almost unceremoniously blown up. A warning comes over the “loud voice” system announcing a controlled explosion in 5 minutes. Then, 20 minutes later, after you have forgotten about it, you are scared witless by an explosion that shakes buildings on the other side of the base. All part of the life here.

I am not shaken a bit, really. In fact, I found the fact that a little rocket attack resulted in a deadly projectile whizzing over my hood amusing, now that I know what it was! But as a National Guard recruiter pointed out, more of his soldiers die in car accidents in America than in Iraq.

Did you get that? I’ve mentioned all along how I feel safer here but there are the facts: This war was so well executed and safe that it is actually more dangerous to drive in America than fight this war in Iraq. See the article at:

Add in dangerous crime in America and you must conclude that if it is safety you seek, Iraq is the place to be. But I won’t hold it against you if you continue to pray for myself and especially my comrades-in-arms. Or join them in their prayers for the people of Iraq. It is they who suffer most at the hands of the terrorists, and who have suffered for 3 decades under a miserable and blood-thirsty tyrant. That’s the safety issue here.

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