Sunday, March 20, 2005



So what’s up with all the Mormons around here? We’re slowly getting more hymn books but it may be a while before we can meet demand. And I will tell you these are strange circumstances for those familiar with the consistency of Mormon digs around the world. Bread for the sacrament meeting last week was obtained with the help of, a…Burger King. That’s right, we partook of the water and the sesame-seed bun. Uh-huh, YOU decide.

And the pulpit that comes with the chapel, shared by other religious groups? It’s still a bit uncanny for us dyed-in-the-wools to see a cross on that panel in front of the speaker! At least Dracula won’t be coming forward to bear his testimony! But there is a great suction to find sustenance from the Spirit of the Lord here and meetings of most denominations are packed. It’s ALL good.

In fact, today, no less, I ran into a former client. A wild guy that I knew from Dominoes Pizza in Logan and as a mobile mechanic I would go repair his truck that he so abused during deliveries. I had no idea he was a member of the same church as I, back then. But after the 1st meeting here today, he comes to shake my hand. “Remember me?” he says, “and my blue Toyota pick-up?” Did I ever. Wild guy, from ‘92 whilst I was at Utah State. It was great to see him at church!

Then there are the guys at work. I wondered if I could ever influence them for good. After 6 months, not much to speak of, or so it seemed. But recently one of the guys whom I work with, whose life goal is to own a Sports Bar, asked me about church. He said he had no interest but strangely, his 3 boys back home started asking to go to a church. “You always say yours if pretty good, don’t you?” he more or less asked. And then he ‘bout knocked me over with, “And I need to improve things at home.” Ok, you came to the right place.

Wow. We have been having much discussion and then yesterday he said, “But you probably don’t have a church near where we are.” So we hopped on and entered his zip code into the meeting-house locator. Then we clicked on the MAP button. I asked him if he knew those streets and that area. He said, “Yeah, and look at that stream, I can go fishing after church!” I didn’t miss a beat, I said, “Isn’t that great?! It‘s perfect!”

Hey, the man wants to take his kids to church and improve his family life, let him fish!

Truly, great and marvelous works are afoot, I’m telling you. So what, here’s some pics from the beautiful “Sun”day we had today. There I am, contemplating the weather. I use the blue 4-wheeler to get around, to church, etc (beats walking), along with my new aero-dynamic hair-do. Did I mention I get to wear T-shirts to church? It’s great! And I got to give the lesson on “Every member a missionary” today. Talk about good timing!!! Finally…I had some experiences to share.

Oh, and since this is Sunday, another pic shared with me; a visual representation of a scripture in Psalms. Happy Sabbath!


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