Sunday, March 06, 2005

Good-bye Dubai

Saturday Night

Got into Dubai in the evening and it turned out my lay-over would be about 24 hours. I caught some sleep and the next day was beautiful too. It was not unlike San Diego, probably 75 degrees, and just the right amount of humidity from the ocean. So I walked out to it. Was that nice!

Helped an little family from India get their stalled car off a bridge, covered 8 miles on foot and got some blisters, but the rest is all bliss. I may have to return here again to relax. But you can have desert fun on 4x4s or camels, sail, and have desert cookouts, it’s like I’ve said, a great vacation destination. I was too tired of caring that camera to take pictures, so I confess that I just relaxed and left you all hanging on the images of Dubai. Perhaps another time?

Then off to Baghdad and back to Kirkuk. But Ernie!!! You are saying, what about Josef and Senja? Well, on TV everything gets worked out in an hour or so, but in real life, things take time. I did get a note from Josef this week and I do keep in touch with his sister and, mmmm, let’s call Senja his friend of interest for now. Let’s just say that Josef has reason for hope and has his work cut out for him, but last report is they are at least engaging in some cordial contact once again. I’ll let you know if someday there are any special announcements….

For now, enjoy some pictures in Dubai (pronounced Doo-bye) and I, and the lovely Sara and Senja after church in my “investigator” outfit. It was a great trip, like I said. New and cute friends, family history uncovered, best snowboarding conditions, mission memories, and more. I am still smiling even back at the “grind” for a week now. Thanks for humoring me and coming along,


Pic 1 Hotel near airport, outside the buffet

Pic 2 Hotel, opposite direction. Notice the painting on the building

Pic 3 Dubai 4x4 store, wheels or hoofs?

Pic 4 Notice the happy demeanor on my face, capturing the essence of my experience in Germany. Either that and/or I like those girls…

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