Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

News Flash from Kirkuk:
Sorry to interrupt the Germany story, but... Upon my return, I rushed happily to see my laptop computer. How I missed it! I had to see the guys as well since I have internet at the garage. Caught up on emails and news. The news? No news. Things had remained quiet, and we finally got a new shipment of some armor. Still have a job, then. But just as I brought snow to Germany with me, so I brought some louder precipitation with me to Kirkuk!
My first night back the booms started going off. Then the sirens. Off to the bunkers. A return party, I guess. And what a party. The booms kept going off and so did the siren, and it was coming from multiple directions! Never seen that here before. We weren’t allowed to leave the bunker for hours. Usually it takes 20-40 minutes. And we were grounded, not allowed to move around when it all finally quieted down. 6 weeks of quiet ended with a Bang, to say the least.
No news on what it all meant but it was the evening after some quite effective car bombs went off in Baghdad. Looks like the latest tactic is to bomb at gates of gathering. I suspect one of our gates was attacked too but no confirming reports yet. And it has been almost 48 hours since then, it has remained quiet since then.
Otherwise, I hope the reports of my Germany trip are not jamming your electronic mailboxes! I’m very sorry if it is a problem for you, let me know. I’m just kind of excited to share the story and images of the trip, before the clarity of memory diminishes too much of it! It really was a great trip for me.
Still catching up on things, but for now we return you to your regular program. Thanks for your understanding, Ernie

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