Sunday, November 14, 2004

Sunday Too!

Ahhh, church. Helps bring things back in focus. It has been a particularly exhausting week but after church I feel revived enough to write family and friends. Wish more people new the power of the Spirit. Actually, the religious services around here are quite well attended.

Well, the dust is back. It rained several days in the last week or so and the air was so clear. I got some new tenny’s and ran with fresh air in my lungs. So nice not to take dust in with every breath. But it hasn’t rained for about 4 days. The army is nice enough to send water-trucks around some of the dusty roads and spray ‘em down every now and then, but these other army guys aren’t particularly concerned with staying on the road with these 4-wheel drive vehicles!

And, I must say, the dust and smoke from the refinery stacks makes for some incredible sunrises and sunsets and gives the Mid-East some of its mystery and intrigue. Who is behind that face-scarf, and why does he brandish his sword so? Her belly jiggles and I like the tiny symbols, but what does her nose look like? Yes, questions like these probably all sprung from the need to filter out the dust. Now I see.

Also probably the reason contact lenses were not developed over here. So here is a picture of myself right after a truck rolled by so you can get the dust effect. Also, a close-up of the sun behind me. You’ll notice that the sun is so hot over here that it singes the tree as it sets near the horizon. If you believe that, I have a silver platter from Saddam’s palace to sell you…

Happy Sunday!

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