Sunday, November 28, 2004


After Thanksgiving...

Oh, I sent so many reply emails today, now that our internet is a little more reliable. Tired fingers but you all have been so patient. Seems we needed to re-aim the internet antenna a little. But to compensate, a waterline burst today and water was out for most of the light hours, guess it was a bit cold last night! Toilets don’t work so well without water…all part of the adventure, right? I am amused.

Thanks for all the offers of help and sending things. That is so great. It is so encouraging to see the care packages that are sent over here by so many Americans and there are many offers of help. This bodes well for the culture, which doesn’t look that pretty when viewed from the news screen. Plus, this cake caught me by surprise. As one left the kitchen to go into the dining area, from which I sent the previous Thanksgiving picture, everyone saw this. I found it amusing! Who picks these things?!

However, the ACLU would be less than amused to see this. Wait until they find out the military has chapels and chaplains and invites us to pray!!! But like I say, things are a little different here. Now, some of you have an over-glorified vision of my role over here. Hence, this uh, amusing picture I received from some friends. I hope they are adequately embarrassed! J But it all is in good fun, right? Truth is, I'm doing a few small and simple things to help out, hopefully in some ways, they can make a difference.

Ok, more news, real news, soon. Meanwhile, still having a good time!

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