Sunday, November 14, 2004

Sunday note

A Sunday Note

End of Ramadan, 3 days of celebration for Muslims. Expect celebratory gunfire. In fact, they got us out of bed last night and this morning. At work yesterday we heard one mortar right outside the wire being launched. That is my preference, since it means it is going past you. So we heard the THOOM! As it was fired. We, gratefully, did not hear the answering explosion of it landing. I can’t tell you where it landed, but let’s say those who had a day off had an interesting time. Thankfully, again, out of desperation or ignorance, it was a dud. 2 days down, 1 to go.

I heard Zarqauwi (not spelled correctly on purpose) is egging the counter-freedom rebels on (while he slips town) and I think they are moved to greater acts of defiance, which leads them to bolder acts, which leads to us getting them. In my opinion, this recent rash of desperation is very good for us because the biggest problem we have is identifying them. Taking them out is not a problem.

Well, those aren’t very kind Sunday thoughts. I wonder what Moroni said on Sunday during the wars. Church is like an oasis. To escape from the language and thoughts of day-to-day and be taught by the Spirit is such a respite and sharp relief against the crudeness that is somewhat common is very nice. Like stepping into a garden. Or, as one fellow put it, it is like visiting the temple over here; it is peaceful and rejuvenating.

Today is another happy day for me. I have been exhausted from my work and efforts such that I clearly needed a day of rest. Much to my chagrin, I had some bad chicken wings for dinner or something and was kept up the night by a persuasive stomach ache! After much praying and an incoming attack, I found myself in the bunker with a co-worker who had the same experience. He said it lasted two days and I said it couldn’t. So, I gave way to the urge I had fought all night to, ummmm, hurl, and did so after briefly stepping outside the bunker. After an hour back in bed, I noticed the pain had mostly subsided. For that, I was very grateful.

So much for inspiring thoughts! How about some pics? Today, some of the guys and I walking back from church. Guns, Ensigns, and scriptures. Must be.... for your amusement ...Mormon soldiers! Now for some more of that Sunday rest....

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