Sunday, March 12, 2006

A note for my friends

What a trip. I left Baghdad Friday night at 6pm (finally) and arrived in San Diego 9pm Saturday night, which is actually 8am Sunday morning in Iraq. Bottom line? 38 hours of flying travel. Yech!

But at least I met some very nice and interesting people on the way.

I thank you for ALL your kind wishes and prayers combined with mine! I was delayed 24hrs by a sandstorm. The next day the airspace in Baghad was shut down right before we were going to board (bored?), but a window opened and we were cleared in the last hour or two before recall. In Paris (lay-over) I had to run around the whole airport and get several glitches in the ticket-swap ironed out, but it all worked out.

It's good to be home.


annegb said...

So, did you never get that picture? I sent it twice.

I didn't really care for me, but for those nice guys.

Welcome home, I was actually down there on Saturday. Do you feel a little guilty? I did, when I came home, and I think about those people in Ensenada and their poverty.

SRA said...

Glad you made it home safely. If you're ever in Utah, let me know. :)


--TBAS said...

Are ya ready to come back?!?!

Mo Mommy said...

I saw on the news a guy in San Diego who got out of his truck to get directions and it rolled down a hill and hit a bunch of other cars. I had to supress a laugh as I thought "Wonder if that was the Great E adjusting back to the civilian world"!!! LOL
Glad to hear you're back okay!!

Karyn said...

I'm glad you finally made it! I bet everyone is so glad your home. I hope you keep posting, I'm sad at the thought of not keeping up with you and all your adventures! I look forward to seeing some pictures of my old stomping ground soon, I so miss California!
I guess what I'm saying is STAY IN TOUCH!! Too many people will miss you if you don't, especially me!
God Bless and Welcome Home!!

Ernest said...


SRA: OK, this is hilarious. Because, although I won't go into details, lets just say there was an incident where someone backed over the power box at my sisters new home on his visit and knocked all the electricity in the house out. Uncanny.

Karyn: You sound like an Ernest Addict! I am flattered. Well, I have some weddings and family business to attend to, but let's just say I have a feeling I will be back sometime. I will keep you in my prayers in the meantime.

Y'all are like some great cyber neighbors. I wonder if virtual BBQ tastes any good...sure appreciate, and yes, love you all.

Jamie J said...

Welcome home!

FrogLegs said...

First time here, but welcome home! :)

Bookslinger said...

Welcome home E!

I haven't read much here, but just enough to know you're one of the good guys. Dang! I'm sure proud of ya.

I have a friend who was a nurse in Vietnam. So I know that even though you weren't combat, or part of Uncle Sam's official boy scouts, you still gotta watch out for signs of PTSD. I even got a case of PTSD doing the Mormon Missionary thing in Ecuador! Had nightmares about it for years. So if you get any flashbacks or nightmares, talk it over with someone, and get it out.

Ernest said...

You know what? I just love you guys. Thanks for leaving such great notes.

As for PSTD, Iraq was actually THE BEST experience of my life to date. Trauma, I guess though, is part of our lives and I believe you are right, we need each other to create Heaven admist Hell. What greater glory is there than to do that with each other?

Remember the soldiers and others though who have passed on or who are permenantly scarred physically/mentally for fighting freedom's wars: They are our heroes, our saviors: bless them!