Sunday, February 12, 2006


We've received some turrets with glass in them for the gunners. This way they can see without sticking their head out. And we have been replacing a lot of damaged windshields and side windows. A soldier heading out of the shop today thanked us very much and swore that he and his guys would find a way to thank us, find someway to do something for us. This amazed my shop foreman Doug, who noted immediately that the soldiers feel that way just for us doing the jobs we get paid to do, when they go out and face death all the time.

We also check door latches to make sure they are working and service sticking gunner's mounts so that these guys can get in and get out and do what they need to do. I guess we have a really good product or good, quick service, but for whatever reason, the soldier seems to feel like we are one of the few persons looking out for them. But indeed our Foreman Doug had it right; it is we who need to find ways to repay them.

His wife is no less servicable at home. I thanked her for taking care of us at Christmas and she wrote back and asked if there was anything else we or the soldiers needed. She says she knows plenty of people who want so much to send things the soldiers want or need but they just don't know what or where to send them. I was sad I could not provide a path to do so, but darn it, you have to love Americans! From soldier to citizen, they are the best. They care and they want to do good.

Politics? Well, that's another story. One not to be told here. But can you ever doubt that we will acheive what we believe in?

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