Monday, February 06, 2006

Germans and Germany

What a great vacation. I simply must do this more often! As beautiful as Germany is, the people I met made all the difference. I really have made some great friends here--this is my third trip here in 13 months. I owe these great relationships to my wonderful Christian brothers and sisters that take me in wherever I go.

The Germans, bless their hearts, are diligent, focused, and private. They have beautiful hair (do they not torture it like Americans often do or is it in what they eat?) and keep themselves quite fit and trim. Their mouths drop open and utter profusely “Danke Schoen!” if you help them or even hold a door open(it's a bit shocking for them). They all dress fashionably, neatly, and nicely as a whole.

Another shock for them? I’ve worked in Iraq for a year and four months, and I’m not dead several times over! They read the papers and observe the news religiously and when I tell them how I actually enjoy my experience there and love seeing all the progress, they act as if I am from outer space. The word of the media is like the word of a god here, but at least they are tuned in to world events as a whole.

Those are just very general observations from an isolated traveler. But those are some things that I found interesting. Thought I’d save you the trip… to help, here are a few pics. I didn’t take as many this time, trying just to soak it all in with my eyes. For more pics from last time, check the bottom of the March 2005 archive at my blog.

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